We provide the offshore industry with rig management services and work close together with our clients to find the best solution. Our management teams represent a solid reputation, international experience and a proven track record. Through a vast international experience we access the best qualified personnel in the offshore industry.

In each project we work with, we aim to establish team and organizations build on a strong and proactive operational structure with knowledge and understanding of the offshore industry’s requirements, rules and regulations.

  • Currently, we cover the needs of services to more than 10 oil platforms, coordinating crew changes, boarding and descents of over 1,000 industry workers.
  • We take responsibility of approval checklist of the STPS (Ministry of labor and social welfare), taking charge of the annexes and contracts.
  • We Manage the certification of personnel aboard rigs, according to ABC standards of excellence in oil and gas industry.


Leaving your platforms operated by us… avoid sanctions and penalties “Your Rig´s contract is in the hands of experts”