Technical Management Our technical staff has experience as masters or chief engineers or have MSc/Naval Architecture degrees and experience from a wide variety of shipping and offshore-related activity. We focus on asset protection and our staff concentrates on viewing ship-management from an owner’s perspective.  



  • Purchase inspection
  • Commercial management
  • Marine insurance services
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE)
  • Quality services
  • Corporate management



Moreover, companies within the Offshore industry need to find boats that fit your needs, personnel transportation, catering, freight, maritime services and diverse petroleum operations, but finding a suitable ship for each task, can be a long and difficult job. We also operate as BROKERS in this area, acting as an intermediary between ship-owners and oil companies to match each task with the appropriate ship or boat; managing the negotiation and finalizing details of the charter party, transportation, maritime services, oil and gas activities, etc.

This division of Gulf Administrators ("purchase-sale" or "lease") acts as an intermediary between interested enterprises and the sellers; discussing opportunities and market trends with ship-owners, informing them about recent sales, value boats advises on financing and try to find suitable vessels for specific needs of the clients.